We're obsessed about curating fascinating conversation pieces to display in your space.


Marina Karassellos
Founder / Creative Director

Marina’s outlooks and interests are drawn from her life growing up in Zimbabwe.  As a daughter of a hunter, she spent weekends tracking Buffalo and Kudu for family meals — holding on for dear life to the back of the most rickety of old Land Rovers. Not to mention the countless hours stranded in the hot, dusty bush, waiting on her dad as he branded cattle. These were times where her imagination took off, and for her intrigue of the world and its raw contents to develop.

As a young girl, she dug into her Yia Yias' closets for hoarded Greek religious paraphernalia to stage around the house. She incorporated natural elements — from seeds pods, rocks, bone, and her own mud sculptures, into her anthologies. All had a story. 

Today, Marina brings her eclectic taste into American homes. Her collections are for those equally excited to own and display artful creations of seemingly ordinary objects, juxtaposed with nature's gems. She's giddy about stuff and how her mind fashions it into art.


Nate Okai
Chief Digger a.k.a Dig’a

A self-taught street art enthusiast and collector of original pieces, Nate has a fabulous eye for the small details and the big picture. He truly appreciates and understands the value of emotion and expression – and looks for just the right object to build a story.

Nate’s deep interest in rock collecting, obsessively hunting for lost treasures, and the love of history makes him the adventurous picker out there. He is relentless in his searches and investments, all fueled by his Massachusetts background that honed bargaining skills (they’re ruthless up North). Give him a challenge and he lights a rocket! 

Besides dig’n, Nate digs rap music, collecting gold, racing cars and his BMW M2. His comfort zone:  chill’n with his long-term lady friend (his best treasure find to date) and his Pom-a-Poo, Bernie, in Delray Beach, FL.

Nate's enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He is a stellar human and with an incredible mind.



Claudia Amore
Sales / Gallery Director

As a first-generation Sicilian-American, Claudia learned her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial skills from her parents. She spent her marketing and advertising years in Boston and Bermuda before returning to Western MA to co-own a restaurant with her brother for 9 years. Claudia now focuses on art business. Her charisma and fondness for building relationships always leaves one feeling known, valued and appreciated.

Claudia is passionate about art, sun, fun and adventure. She solves problems and does her best creative thinking while riding her Vespa to the beach. Claudia understands the magic of art and décor and how it influences a space to shift a mood. Partner with Claudia to choose the best collection for you.

She balances her strong affinity for chocolate and chilled wine with fitness. Claudia enjoys escaping to the most interesting places around the world with her partner in crime, Nate. Yup, Nate the Dig’a.